Litigation History [Appeals]

Elizabeth A. Knight prevailed in the Indiana Court of Appeals in Huckaby v. Jasper County Sheriff’s Office which affirmed dismissal of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department in an alleged wrongful termination employment case.

Once again, Elizabeth A. Knight won an appeal in the Indiana Court of Appeals in Howard v. E&B Paving where the Plaintiff claimed her deceased daughter was enrolled in post-secondary educational institution at the time of her death and under the Indiana Child Wrongful Death Act was not subject to the $300,000.00 adult wrongful death cap in damages. Knight was successful in arguing the daughter was not “enrolled” even though the daughter had taken classes at the school and was eligible to enroll at the time of her death where she had not taken classes in the prior semester and had not taken any steps to enroll in classes for the next semester. The Plaintiff’s damage claim was subject to the wrongful death damage cap.

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